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Aqua Innovations Featured on WADR Morning Show

December 14, 2015

Aqua Innovations Featured on WMTV-NBC / Madsion, WI

October 21, 2015 – Originally published at

MADISON, Wis. – Some Dane County leaders are working to implement new technology that turn manure, into drinkable water.

The idea is contingent on a provision in County Executive Joe Parisi’s budget is adopted this fall. Right now, the county already has digesters that can remove about 60% of phosphorus found in cow manure. Parisi says the new system would essentially eliminate 100% of it, and turn it into water clean enough to drink.

The county has selected Beloit-based Aqua Innovations to install the cutting-edge treatment system in Middleton.

“This is a local company. Again, it furthers working with Dane County, working with farmers, and now working with a local Wisconsin company that has employees throughout the state and employees that reside in Dane County also,” noted Parisi.

He also claims the move will help clean up state lakes. The DNR estimates the digester will reduce climate-changing emissions by 22,000 tons annually.


Aqua Innovations Selected by Dane County

October 21, 2015 – Originally published at

MADISON, Wis. –  Dane County will deploy a new system to essentially eliminate phosphorus from cow manure while turning the manure into water clean enough to drink, if a provision in County Executive Joe Parisi’s 2016 budget is adopted this fall. The County has selected a Wisconsin company, Aqua Innovations of Beloit, to install this cutting-edge manure treatment system at the site of the highly successful “Cow Power” digester just outside of Middleton owned by Gundersen Health System.

One pound of phosphorus is powerful enough to grow 500 pounds of toxic algae.  Manure contains phosphorous and due to Dane County’s large family farm economy, phosphorus reduction is critical to the effort to clean up our lakes.  Manure digesters remove about 60% of the phosphorus found in manure.  The new system achieves nearly 100% phosphorus removal.  This means less phosphorus filled manure and digester byproduct being spread on fields sensitive to runoff in the Yahara watershed.

Dane County Executive Parisi has included funds in his budget next year – $500,000 – to pay for construction of a facility to house the technology.  Dollars for the technology and system – known in the industry as a “nutrient concentration system” – were approved in the County Executive’s prior budgets and depending on a final contact with Aqua Innovations will cost an estimated $1.3 million.


Aqua Innovations Featured on WKOW-ABC / Madsion, WI

October 21, 2015


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