About Us

Here. For good.

AQUA Innovations is an environmental engineering firm pioneering wastewater solutions for the agriculture industry. Our proven, innovative NuWay process allows operators to generate clean and usable water as a by-product of their manufacturing process. In addition to saving our most precious natural resource, our NuWay process diminishes the need for agricultural operators to continually acquire new land in order to properly disperse manure.

Our innovative technology also offers significant benefits to industrial and energy markets to meet high water quality standards of most production processes.

Our revolutionary system results in better air and land quality and an environmentally sustainable cycle for food production.

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Our Sharon facilities offer 30,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space in this Midwest location. This enables us to design, build and install a high quality system for you in a cost-effective way. As they say, the money is in the details. That is why, at AQUA Innovations, we can test the system we intend to build for you with your own process to ensure it is what you need before it is installed in your facility. Minding the details and saving you money in the process; that’s our business.

Our in-house service department is there to back you up if you need assistance, and our automation department has made that easier than ever. Our quick and easy automation department allows many problems to be solved over the phone, thereby eliminating travel costs and shortening lengthy down-time for your operation.

Our Team

John Sorenson
Chief Executive Officer

Frank Winters
Director of Business Development

Scott Schneider
Executive Vice President

Ron Picht
Sr. Chemical Engineer

John Mylin
Process Advisor

Mike Cushing
Sr. Electrical Engineer

Keith Meinen
Manufacturing Manager

Parikshit Ghogare
Mechanical Engineer

Vijay Chandelia
Mechanical Engineer

Matt Busse
Piping Designer

Ashley Travis
Purchasing & Logistics

Jason Block

Brian Bultman

Mike Sorensen

Mike Fischer

Shannon Oleferchik
Executive Assistant

Scott Hynds
Service Technician

Why Choose AQUA Innovations

plusthree We integrate technologies to form the best system for each customer’s needs plusthree Extensive experience in the water, process and wastewater recovery business plusthree We can control quality by providing all parts of the process, from engineering to installation
plusthree We offer a single source of responsibility plusthree We provide the total solution, not just a piece of it plusthree We offer the option to test the system before it is installed
plusthree We provide innovative, efficient solutions
+ Food
+ Dairy
+ Beverage
+ Biotech
+ Pharmaceutical
+ Agriculture
+ Cosmetic
+ Hospital
+ Distillers
+ Industrial
+ Power
+ Semiconductor
+ Specialty Minerals
+ Petrochemical
+ Pulp and Paper
+ Chemical
+ Sweetener