Agricultural Waste Recycling

Storage. Hauling. Odor. Manure can be a thousand-pound headache for any dairy farmer. Manage dairy manure in a whole NuWay. Interested in a quote? Fill one out today!

The NuWay nutrient management system eases the pain of managing dairy manure with a liquid/solid partitioning system that reduces storage and hauling costs, and minimizes odors. The NuWay system is cost-effective, environmentally compliant, customizable to any dairy operation and provides 24/7 monitoring and support from AQUA Innovations.

NuWay is a Better Way

Produce an ideal bedding replacement, compost material and a nutrient rich fertilizer. plusthree Significantly reduced odor gives you and your neighbors a better local air quality. plusthree Dischargeable wastewater = zero environmental impact.
plusthree Less volume = lighter loads, fewer trucks on the roads and reduced lagoon maintenance all adding up to additional savings and profits. plusthree Removal of 100% of suspended solids & 99%+ of phosphorous allows spreading throughout the growing season, year after year. plusthree Comprehensive turnkey manure management solution that allows you to focus your time and energy on the business of dairy farming.

Cost Savings for Efficient, Profitable Operations

AQUA Innovations brings many years of experience in advanced water treatment and liquid/solid separation to the dairy industry with the goal of creating customized solutions to each operation’s manure treatment demands. Each NuWay system we install becomes a valued relationship between the dairy and AQUA. That includes complete 24-hour-a-day monitoring and support by trained technicians. What that means for each dairy producer is peace of mind knowing that AQUA is watching over your manure treatment system.

Green Practices For A Healthier Community

Running a dairy farm isn’t easy. Public stigmas toward industrial farming can be brutal, and keeping up with changing environmental regulations is often just as challenging. Not to mention that farm odors can be difficult for the neighbors to stomach. The NuWay system complies with environmental regulations and improves odor control, making community members, environmental officials, farmers and the public feel good about dairy farming practices.

A 3-Phased NuWay Approach







  • Removes up to 99% of total suspended solids from liquid.
  • Converts solids to a drier, concentrated nutrient source suitable for bedding or composting.
  • 50+% of phosphorous removed.
  • Separates 100% of suspended solids from liquid.
  • Converts solids to a nutrient-rich, concentrated liquid manure, reduced in volume for field application.
  • Converts liquids to “tea water,” a low-odor, nutrient-rich liquid ideal for irrigation.
  • 98+% phosphorus removed; less than 2% phosphorus.
  • Separates all dissolved solids from liquid by reverse osmosis.
  • Converts liquids to clean, purified water that can be re-used or safely discharged into the environment; conserving, recovering and recycling water, our most precious resource.