AQUA Innovations Presents at Yahara Pride Farms Annual Meeting

AQUA Innovations was honored to join producers, government officials, agronomists and industry experts on March 7 at the 8th annual Yahara Pride Farms 2019 Watershed-Wide Conference to discuss present and future water quality projects in Dane County.

Yahara Pride Farms is a unique group that collaborates on and implements agriculture best practices with the goal of minimizing the environmental footprint that comes along with operating a dairy farm.

AQUA Innovations’ Chris Lenzendorf spoke to the group about the company’s Nutrient Concentration System (NCS), which reclaims water and segregates vital nutrients from raw cow manure. This spring, Dane County will be the first governmental agency to install this technology in the state of Wisconsin. Dane County is home to about 250 dairy farms with 55,000 cows that produce nearly 1.5 billion pounds of milk which generates more than $550 million per year for the dairy industry and 4,000 jobs. Those cows also produce over two billion pounds of manure each year.

“We know that this will be a game changer and allow for the sustainability of dairy in America’s Dairyland while also protecting the watershed in Dane County,” said Lenzendorf. “The folks at Yahara Pride Farms are doing it right – the partnerships formed will make a difference for generations to come.”

Son-Bow Farms owner Jay Richardson, the first Wisconsin farm to install AQUA Innovations’ NCS, also answered questions from attendees on how the system installed last summer has been able to positively impact the profitability of his dairy.