Aqua Innovations Premier Partner Program

In an increasingly competitive market, developing a strong relationship with the right vendor is vital to growth and a successful business.


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Premier Partner Benefits

At Aqua Innovations, we are committed to helping you expand your business, provide best in class solutions and develop a long lasting partnership.Our Premier Partner Program helps resellers like you succeed through a focus on:Collaboration – working together to develop business strategies and opportunities.Expertise – technical and sales support matched with best in class solutions.Proven Solutions – standardized systems which help reduce cost and lead time.The Aqua Innovations Premier Partner value added reseller program is a way for our partners to increase their solution offering to the industry while increasing revenue. The AI Premier Partner Program provides our reseller partners with sales, marketing and technical support only available to Premier Partners. Premier Partners may, depending on the current programs being offered, be eligible for promotions and additional discounts. The program provides a frame work for a partnership in mutual business development. Premier Partners can develop an exclusive territory of responsibility, which means Aqua Innovations will only support the single partner in that territory/geography regarding pricing, joint sales calls and promotional activity.Aqua Innovations is dedicated to providing our partners with high quality equipment, services and support tools to deliver sound and reliable water solutions. The Aqua Innovations Premier Partner Program supports a mutual commitment to success, by supporting partners with best in class technology, solutions and support.The Premier Partner Program was designed with the following key program benefits:

  • Marketing resources and tools that help you increase customer awareness and generate leads.
  • Technical resources that enables you to deliver more robust solutions and support to your customers.
  • Sales resources and tools that help you get in the door and close orders.
  • Training that helps identify and qualify opportunities resulting in shorter sales cycles.
  • Support that helps expand existing clients, develop new clients and increase market share in your area.

Aqua Innovations Solution Tracks

Aqua Innovations offers both an industrial and agriculture solution track to our Premier Partners. Technical expertise, geography and solution area of your business will determine which of the two separate solution areas or tracks best fits your business model. Premier Partners can, based on expertise, participate in one or both solution tracks.

Industrial Solution Track

The Industrial solutions track includes solutions related to managing water utilized in the manufacturing process which then needs to be treated before discharging or recycling. These solutions include softeners, greensand filters, multimedia filters, ion exchange, electro-deionization and reverse osmosis along with replacement parts.

Agriculture Solution Track

The Agriculture Solutions Track includes nutrient management solutions, which handles the complexity and difficult task of dairy manure management. The NuWay Nutrient Management System includes both the Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis modules depending on the needs of the farmer’s application.

Apply For The Program

To participate in the Premier Partner Program we request you first complete an Application Form. The Application is intended to help us determine how to best partner in order to ensure your success.

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Reduce Cost and Minimize Odor

The NuWay system is cost-effective, environmentally compliant, customizable to any dairy operation and provides 24/7 monitoring and support from AQUA Innovations.